Exciting Holiday issue of the MHJA Newsletter is planned!  The Year-end Award Winners will be shifted to the first issue of the new year,  while the year-end issue will feature the Harvest Show and a celebration of the MHJA barns and members. So... each barn will receive one full page (free!) to create a collage of photos from the year! Be sure to include your barn name  somewhere on the page!  DEADLINE: NOV 1. Don't forget to submit your Eyes and Ears article too.  DON'T DELAY!! NOV 1 IS A HARD DEADLINE!

Send your information to Heather Parish!


MHJA Juniors! Please join us on Friday, October 25 for an exciting evening at the University of MN Leatherdale Center & Piper Equine Hospital! We’re excited that the evening will include a tour of the Piper Equine Hospital, including the ICU, exam rooms, their X-ray / MRI machines, and a chance to meet Hercules, their Belgian draft and favorite blood donor! Following the tour we'll have dinner, fun activities, and an opportunity to socialize with your fellow MHJA Juniors! Space is limited so go to the following website to sign up & get more details!

Please note that because of our limited space this event is for MHJA members only.  If you're not yet a member but would like to attend please fill out a membership application as well.  Any new memberships are valid through 2020.


Show results for the MN Harvest Horse Show may be found at http://showplace.showmanagementsystem.com/ You can find an owner, trainer, rider or horse by using the search function in the upper right corner the website.

The MN Harvest Horse Show and MHJA are thrilled to have been selected as a qualifying venue for the Omaha Equestrian Foundation $15,000 InIt2WinIt Speed Class to be held on Thursday evening, October 3. Read more about it!

We are pleased to announce that credit cards will now be accepted at the Harvest Horse Show Office!


MN Harvest Horse Show Prize List, Entries and Schedule now available online! ENTRY DEADLINE: SEPT. 15.

2019 Points now updated through the MN State Fair!


Congratulations to our MHJA member representing Zone 6 at the USHJA Zone Jumper Championship:

1.10/1.15m Adult Amateur Jumper Team Bronze Medal:  Anne Meyer


Congratulations to our MHJA members representing Zone 6 at the USHJA Zone Ch/Ad Amateur Hunter Championships:

Children's Hunter Team Bronze Medal: Grace Griffin

Adult Amateur Hunter Team Gold Medal:  Dr. Sharon Golden and Lindsay Vail.

POINTS THROUGH MID STATES ENCORE HORSE SHOW (WK 2) NOW AVAILABLE!  Be sure to check your information carefully and let Betsy Kieffer know if there are any errors.

Carriage House horse show additions. Two more Opportunity jumper classes at .70m added on Friday and Saturday right before the regular .70 class. Come to brunch on Saturday morning, and on Sunday at noon visit the puppy dogs from Safe Hands Dog Rescue.

IMPORTANT: Carriage House entry forms taken from this site prior to last weekend were the 2018 entry forms and are NOT to be used for this year's show. 

If you already mailed it to Patty Humphries, please complete this form and resend as soon as possible.  We apologize for the inconvenience!

The DEADLINE for the summer edition of the MHJA Newsletter is THIS WEEK...June 21. Don't forget to submit your Eyes and Ears and other articles to Heather Parish. PLUS…

Graduates! Your newsletter article is DUE NOW! Check HERE for tips on content. Send to Heather by Friday, June 21 We want to hear from you! 

ATTENTION PARENTS AND GUARDIANS: In keeping with the philosophy of Safe Sport,  MHJA is implementing a policy pertaining to the potential publishing* of photographs of minors taken at horse shows and other MHJA-sanctioned activities.   

* Includes MHJA-related media such as our Newsletter, FaceBook page, Website, or other MHJA publications. Please read the following summary for further clarification.


We extend our thanks to all of the exhibitors, office staff, crew and volunteers having attended and worked at the MHJA Spring Horse Show.  Your participation made this annual show a great success!

Mid States Horse Show Information now online.


Important Information for MHJA Horse Show:

- Please Do NOT arrive prior to 4 p.m. on Tuesday

- Please Park in designated areas as required

More information Available Here  Traveling to Maffitt Lake Equestrian Center this week?  Be aware of the IA detour to get there!


Maffitt Lake Spring Gathering I Prize List, Entry, Schedule now available! Entry Deadline April 23.  This show counts toward MHJA Year-End Awards.

MHJA Spring Horse Show Update #2: the following classes have been added to the schedule on Sat.  Opportunity Jumper .70-.75m (Class 403) and Exhibition Jumper .70-.75m, (Class 404).  Both classes are Opportunity. Additional information can be found here.

MHJA SPRING SHOW UPDATE: The specs for the Hunter Challenge (Class #197) have been changed to include "3' and 3' with 3'3" Option" and is now also open to Pro riders." Check Here to see the revised Specifications

Congratulations to MHJA member, Kelsey Ostberg, for being selected to receive a private lesson with none other than George Morris while at the Omaha Int'l Horse Show.

MHJA Spring Show Prize List, Entry and Schedule now available. You should also be receiving this in the mail any day.  We hope you support our terrific spring show!


Come visit the new beautiful Carrageen Farm in Independence and learn about show grooming (Kelsey Ostberg), nutrition (Rachel Motett, Purina), and medicine and lameness diagnosis (Erica Dobbs, DVM) at this April 27 1-3 pm Multi-Dimensional Clinic!  Sponsored in partnership with MHJA. MHJA JUNIORS ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND! Learn more and SIGN UP HERE! 


Check out Zone 6 Specifications for 2019.


Membership Roster Updated as of March 27.

MHJA 2019 Class Specifications, Year-End Award Sections and Opportunity Class Summary now available online!

Learn about this year's Emerging Athlete Program and grants available to help defray expenses. Grant applications must be received by April 1.

It's the Horsemanship Challenge Quiz time of the year! If you are less than 21 as of Dec.1, 2019, consider applying for this great opportunity!


Urban Equine Events UEE Goodtime Days Horse Show information / forms now available. Entries close March 28.


A hearty thank you to the businesses and farms supporting MHJA in 2019 through online sponsorship, newsletter advertising and Horsemen's Directory participation.   A special welcome to those sponsors who are new for us!  You are all greatly appreciated.

A big thanks to Red Pine Horse Show Association and North Run Farm for providing an excellent offering of Hunter, Jumper and Dressage schooling shows in our area. A combined Schooling Show Schedule is now accessible from our home page.

2019 Media Kit and Ad Insertion Order Form are now available. Advertising rates remain the same for 2019! The deadline for the Spring Newsletter has been extended to NO LATER THAN FEB 22.

Red Pine Hunter/Jumper Schooling Show schedule and host locations now available on MHJA Calendar page. A combined schooling show list will be posted on the home page very soon.

NEW YEAR'S SPECIAL!! Thanks to a generous donation from Dr. Anna Renier, you have the opportunity to bid on a certificate for One Horse Physical Exam that expires 12-24-2019 (see the certificate with specifics). If interested please send an email to mhja6@gmail.com indicating your $ bid and your email address. Top bid as of 1-24-18 will be the winner!  Bidding is also taking place on our Face Book page. You can find out more details about Dr. Anna Renier on her web site www.renierequine.com (612) 386.7798

Now that winter has settled in we often have the desire to cocoon in this part of the country.  The MHJA BOD strongly encourages all OWNERS, TRAINERS AND RIDERS 18 years of age and older, to take this time to educate yourself about Safe Sport.  There are 3 modules and you do not have to complete them all at once. The training is informative and required to be completed prior to competing during 2019. 

When you check in at a show, the secretary will confirm you have taken this training. You may print off your USEF/USHJA card which will show you have completed the requirement. The show secretary will also have a list from USEF identifying your status.  Including a copy of your updated membership card with your entry is also a way to confirm your eligibility to compete.

Don't wait until the last minute! It takes 24 - 48 hours for USEF to confirm your Safe Sport training completion. There will be nothing the show secretary can do if USEF has no record in their system We would hate for anyone to be turned away from competition due to procrastination

USEF Safe Sport Training link near the bottom.


Hopefully, parents of our riders who are minors are aware of the extremely important USEF Safe Sport Policy that has been implemented.  

Information is also available for parents

including a Parent Tool Kit published by the U.S. Center for Safe Sport.


All MHJA-sanctioned horse shows for 2019 have been added to the calendar, along with the North Run Hunter and Dressage Schooling Shows and Fall Clinics. There were also a few date corrections to the MHJA calendar of shows.

The annual Spring Midwest Horse Fair held in Madison WI April 12-14, 2019 will feature esteemed Hunter/Jumper clinician Bernie Traurig. Applications close January 7. 

This clinic will focus on intermediate to advanced Hunter and Jumper riders. Hunter riders must be able to consistently jump 3’ 6” and higher, with Jumper riders consistently jumping 4' (1.20m) minimum. 

The clinic fee is $275 and includes 3 one-hour sessions with a maximum of 4 horses in each session. 

For further information and the online application Click Here.

If you haven't yet replied to the Awards Banquet Survey, mhjazone6@gmail sent a survey out on December 18. Check your email inbox, spam, junk etc folders to locate this survey and respond. We still need your input even if you didn't attend this year's banquet!! Thank you!MHJA Banquet Committee.

The 2019 International Omaha VIP tickets and tables are now on sale! April 4 - 7, CHI Health Center in Omaha (formerly Century Link Center)

A new MHJA logo was unveiled at the Annual Awards Banquet.  Learn more about it in the next issue of the newsletter!

Congratulations to new MHJA Board Members Gayle Castro, Gretchen Erpelding, Richelle Fermanich, Michelle Kallenbach, and Kelsey Ostberg, and returning members Nancy Giacchetti and Norine Wilcox (V.P.)

We also want to thank out-going BOD members Angela Mahoney and Suzanne Wepplo for their service! 

Congratulations to all the award winners announced at the 2018 Annual Awards Banquet!  We hope you enjoyed the evening.

A big thank you to the Banquet Committee for your hard work in making this a great night!

If you think you will receive a Year-End CH or RES CH award, please have your photo ready to send to Heather Parish no later than NOV 19! The deadline for the holiday newsletter is just two days after the Awards Banquet!

Silent Auction Donation Deadline Wed, Nov. 14.  Need pick-up / delivery info? Contact Betsy Gambach.


Join us at the annual MHJA Show Season and Awards Banquet on Saturday, Nov. 17. Great fun for the entire family! Last year this event sold out so sign up early!  Credit cards now accepted.



HUNTERS: Children's Working Hunter 15-17; USHJA 2'6": Addition of a horse 

OCTOBER 31 DEADLINE: Check your points carefully! It is the rider's responsibility to notify Betsy Kieffer if you believe a correction is required. No changes made to YE Awards after Oct 31.

JOIN US SAT, NOV 3: 4 - 6 pm at the U of MN Leatherdale Equine Center for the MHJA Annual Open Meeting. Do you have suggestions / questions about the state of our local H/J organization...ask the Board!   Learn about Zones and other Local Affiliates (like MHJA) from our special guest April Hammond, USHJA Assistant Managing Director of Zones and Affiliates. 

Board of Directors Voting Closes Friday evening! Help us achieve a record in ballots cast! If you have not yet voted, please check your email for the link OR mail your ballot Wed!


This Friday, most MHJA members will receive an email with a link to the MHJA anonymous voting page. We have 7 great candidates running for 4 open Board of Director positions. Your participation in the voting process helps make our organization strong! Please cast your electronic vote no later than October 26. Members with one email address per family, or no email address, should receive their paper ballot this weekend. Please mail your ballots no later than October 24.

TIME SENSITIVE: Effective Jan. 1, 2019, all USEF adult members with a competing membership must complete USEF’s Safe Sport Training in order to be eligible to participate in USEF activities. Learn more in this Chronicle of the Horse article

Take the training here


2018 POINTS Published Through Mid States Fall Finale!

The HARD deadline for the Fall Issue of The Newsletter is August 27. There is time for you to get those Fair photos, articles and photos from Pony Finals, Green Nat'l Championship, Zone Finals! PLUS, Carriage House, Mason City (Emerson Burr), Maffitt, Flashback photos... MHJA Jr's...Ice cream social, Eyes and Ears... Send to Heather Parish no later than MONDAY!!

Check out photos from The Pony FInals

Summary of Carriage House Horse Show Results available now.  Division     Class

Join us in wishing MHJA Juniors a week of good riding as they attend Pony Finals in Lexington, KY! Congratulations!

Taylor Lindstrom (trainer, Heidi Hildebrand)

Lauren Masica (trainer, Jane Martinson)

Tara Pradhan (trainer, Alex McKay)

Check out the Finals LIVE here

MN State Fair Horse Show Online Entries due Aug 6

Membership Roster Updated

POINTS available through Mid States Summer Horse Show! PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR RESULTS FOR ACCURACY

The Zone 6 Horse of the Year Hunter AND Jumper Championships are coming up August 8-12 at the Maffitt Lake Two Rivers Summer Festival II in Cumming, Iowa! Entry deadline is July 18.


Qualifying criteria: HOTY Championship classes are open to all competitors who meet the minimum eligibility requirements outlined here.


Maffitt Lake Summer Festival I and II Prize List, Entries and Schedules now available! Entries/Stable Requests close July 18

Message from Mid States Horse Shows:

Thank you to all who joined us for our Summer shows! If you have a few minutes to take a survey, please do! Your feedback is immensely helpful in improving our shows year after year. Thanks again!

Carriage House Entries due July 6.

COLLEGE BOUND? Apply for the Zone 6 College Scholarship by July 1!

CONGRATULATIONS  to all 38 MHJA Juniors sitting for the Emerson Burr Horsemanship test on Saturday at Mid States Horse Show.  Winners by age group: 

Madeline Lewis (Trainer Alex McKay) 8 yrs and under; 

Bella Castro (Trainer Jane Martinson) 9-11 yrs;

Quinn Lee O’Halloran (Trainer Alex McKay) 12-14 yrs;

​Grace Griffin (Trainer Bill Nunn) 15-17 yrs.

Winners receive a $100 grant be used towards educational or equestrian related expenses.

MHJA JUNIOR UPDATE: The MHJA Junior’s Ice Cream Social and Q&A with the judges, has been changed to FRIDAY night after the UEE Poise and Brilliance Hunter Classic at the Jumper Ring. Stick around to have some sweets and get all your judging questions answered. See you there!

Check out the MHJA Spring Show Class Results  and Division Results. 

Congratulations to all exhibitors and horse show management for a great MHJA Spring Horse Show.  Thanks to everyone who participated and a very special note of deep appreciation to Ann Bower Weber and John Weber for their graciousness in hosting our show at Carriage House!


REMINDER: Send Heather Parish your Summer Newsletter information NOW! 


---  Volunteers are needed for whatever time you can spare...especially Sat/Sun.  Message Elizabeth LaFrenz 612-386-7798;

--  Great food provided by Kowalski's Market and Uptown Girl Cupcakes & Dessert;

---  Exhibitor's Party Saturday 3 p,m, (est) thank you Kowalski's Market; Derby Brunch Sunday 11 a.m. (est) thank you Uptown Girl Cupcakes & Dessert; and treats in Hospitality Tent throughout the week; thank you West Lake Training!

-- Lead line class follows the Opportunity classes on Saturday. Thank you Christy Weflin and St.Croix Saddlery!

Learn more about one of the Minnesota Harvest Horse Show Benefactors, in this beautiful We Can Ride video.

MHJA JUNIORS:  The MN High School Equestrian association is now open for 2018 registration.  MANY additional schools were added last year.  Open to grades 8 through 11. Check it out!

Become a sponsor of the MHJA Spring Show! Learn how you can help promote this great opportunity for riders in our area. 

CORRECTION TO MHJA PRIZE LIST: Schooling Day is Wed, May 16

Close to 50 people turned out for the MHJA JUNIORS' Mini-Clinic featuring Sue Novak - Grooming, Nick Novak - Flat Work and Jumping, Betsy Kieffer - Horse Showing 101, and John Kieffer - Concussions, TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and the role of the EMT. A great time was had by all!

Maffitt Lake Spring Gathering I Horse Show Prize List, Entry and Schedule now available.

MHJA Spring Show Prize List , Entry Form and Schedule now available!

ATTENTION MHJA and USHJA members- you should have received a survey by email on 4/6/18. The Zone 6 committee is interested in knowing if there is enough support within the Zone to hold our own Children's/Adult Amateur Hunter and Jumper Championships.


Although Zone 6 does not meet the USHJA minimum membership requirements to hold our own Championships, it is possible for our Zone Representatives to request an exemption.   

If you are at all interested in being able to attend these Championships within your own zone, please respond to the survey so the Zone committee will have the backing to ask USHJA to give us an exemption. 

Membership Roster Updated 4-2-18. 

Omaha Equestrian Spring Preview Show information / forms now available. Entry Deadline: April 5.

Would You Like to Ride With George Morris? The Omaha Equestrian Federation is offering a free 45-minute lesson with legendary rider, coach and author George H. Morris at the International Omaha in April.  To apply, simply send a 250-word essay telling us what it means to you to ride for the legendary George Morris.

DEADLINE THIS WEDNESDAY, March 15, for your personal listing to be in the 2018 MHJA Directory is March 15!  Lost your personalized renewal form?  Click Here to receive a new one!


Individual tickets are now on sale for the 2018 International Omaha! Come watch the best horses and riders in the Midwest for four days of exciting competition, excellent shopping opportunities, and fun! Ticket prices range from $12.50 to $30.  All-Session Tickets and VIP Packages are still available as well. 


Do you have a Thoroughbred in a second career?  The TAKE2 Second Career Thoroughbred Program Inc. and   Thoroughbred Charities of America (TCA) are pleased to announce the addition of a new award, the TAKE2 High-Score Junior Rider Award, presented by Thoroughbred Charities of America.  

The Omaha Equestrian Foundation (OEF) is pleased to offer the OEF Grant.  This grant will be awarded annually and shall be used to award expenses for an educational, competitive or other developmental experience.  The goal of this grant is to further the OEF mission of growing equestrian sport in our region through education. Nominations are due by March 15, 2018.  FOR PURPOSES OF THIS GRANT, MN IS CONSIDERED AN "ADJACENT STATE".


Any equestrian, parent, trainer or friend may submit a nomination.  Individuals may nominate themselves.  Individuals under 18 years of age may be nominated with parental consent.  Click here for more information./

The MHJA welcomes a new horse show to our approved circuit! In 2018 the season will kick off with the Omaha Equestrian Preview, April 19-22, at Urban's beautiful Quail Run. This gives MHJA members a chance to experience Urban's lovely facility and receive MHJA points. Watch for information arriving soon. See you there

Are you up to the challenge?? Registration is now open for the 2018 USHJA Horsemanship Quiz Challenge, presented by The Plaid Horse. USHJA members, ages 21 and under, are encouraged to put their horsemanship to the test now through Sept. 1 for a chance to qualify for HQC Nationals, an in-person, educational horsemanship competition that offers $4,000 in educational grants. Learn more here!

Are you age 25 and under and interested in becoming a part of the Emerging Athlete Program (EAP)? Scholarships are available through the Grant Funding Program to help defray costs of the clinics.  Learn more here!


MHJA Juniors Night Out! Thanks to all who were able to join us for a super fun night... Follow us on Instagram at mhjajuniors!  Stay tuned for our next events!


JAN 31 is the last day to buy yourself a free Grande Latte!  Save $5 joining or renewing your MHJA membership TODAY!

Check out the newly formed MHJA JUNIORS!  First meeting scheduled for Friday, Feb. 2 at Brunswick Zone / Bowlero in Brooklyn Park.  Interested in attending? Deadline for sign-up is January 29.  Register HERE

It's official! Zone 6 is combining with Zone 5 for the Children/Adult Hunter and Jumper Zone Championships!  Watch for additional information from the USHJA.  Also check out the Zone Championship pages. HUNTERS   JUMPERS.  The qualifying periods for Zone 5 Hunters end May 19, 2018, and Jumpers end June 4t, 2018  

MHJA membership renewal savings extended to January 31, 2018....save $5!  If you misplaced the application mailed to you, contact Nancy Giacchetti  for your personalized application. This streamlined process makes it easier for you, and allows a more efficient audit of the member database 

NEW TO MHJA? Membership information and 2018 application now available.

2018 Horse Show Calendar now updated to include North Run and Red Pine Schooling Show information.  The Calendar will continue to be revised as Prize Lists, Entries and Schedules are received.


© 2019 by Minnesota Hunter & Jumper Association.

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