The Minnesota High School Equestrian Association is a 501(3)(c) non-profit corporation whose mission is to promote equestrian disciplines as a high school team sport with an emphasis on education, citizenship, and recognition of equestrian athletes.  

The Minnesota Horse Council handles the administration of the MHSEA program. 



The program is based upon specified Varsity or JV level competition levels within 7 equestrian disciplines, including Hunter/Jumper.  JV and Varsity level criteria are based upon increasing competitive levels with the Varsity-level being considered an “advanced level of competition in front of a public audience”.  These criteria are used by the MHSEA to determine a member’s eligibility for school recognition as a Varsity or JV athlete. Such recognition may take the form of a certificate, letter, pin or patch.  If a participant's school is not listed on the MHSEA Equestrian Team website, MHSEA will reach out to the school to gain approval.



MHSEA members pursue their own riding program and training schedule.  Each member rides and trains with a trainer and within the discipline of their choosing.  They compete at the level and venues determined by them as appropriate for their financial resources, skill, and competitive level. The MHSEA is strictly administrative and does not provide horses or arrange for lessons for members.  



All members will be eligible for MHSEA recognition at the end of the season. Those members who attend a school that has approved and recognizes the MHSEA Program will be eligible for Varsity or, in some cases JV, recognition from their school. The MHSEA website lists the schools that have approved the MHSEA Program in the past and updates that list as new schools are added.  Please note that the offering of school recognition for a high school equestrian’s accomplishment is determined annually based on receipt of program approval from the school.



MHSEA online registration is now open to youth in grades 8 - 11 and ends May 31. Once registered with the MHSEA, members become part of the MHSEA Equestrian Team!


For more detailed information on the MHSEA program, please go to www.mhsea.org or send an email to info@mhsea.org.

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