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Each year, the MHJA offers a year-end awards program consisting of overall high point awards for several sections in Equitation, Hunters, and Jumpers as well as various high point awards for Equitation, Hunters and Jumpers. The original intention was, and continues to be, rewarding riders who regularly participate in MHJA member horse shows; provided the requirements for participation set forth below are followed. Points will only be awarded at horse shows that are approved by the MHJA. For information on horse show approval see the MHJA By-Laws.


The MHJA competition year begins Dec. 1 and ends November 30th.


Participation in the program commences on the date an individual membership becomes active in the MHJA.


Date of membership is recorded by the Membership Chair. It is activated in one of three ways; 1) the postmarked date of an application and payment sent by mail, 2) the date listed on the online application and payment received listed on MHJA Pay Pal account, or 3) the date the application and payment are received by a representative of the MHJA, for example by a show secretary at a horse show. In the event the payment is non-negotiable for any reason, the membership application is not complete and will not become effective until all fees and any penalties charged to the MHJA resulting from the non-negotiable payment are made good.


For any section that has a Year End Award, regardless of the sponsor, MHJA membership as described below is required:
•   For Hunter and Jumper classes, the Owner of the horse or pony must be a member of the MHJA, regardless of lease status AND THE RIDER OF THE HORSE MUST ALSO BE AN MHJA COMPETING MEMBER. AN OWNER OR A RIDER DOES NOT HAVE TO BE AN MHJA COMPETING MEMBER TO ENTER AN MHJA APPROVED HORSE SHOW. HOWEVER, IN ORDER TO RECEIVE POINTS IN HUNTER OR JUMPER YEA SECTIONS BOTH OWNER AND RIDER MUST BE COMPETING MEMBERS. If the lease is recorded with USEF, then only the lessee needs to be a member of MHJA.
•   For Equitation, the Rider must be a member of the MHJA.


It is the members’ responsibility to notify the MHJA of changes in horses’ name, riders’ name, or ownership.


At MHJA approved horse shows, points for all classes shall be accumulated according to the following scale:

1st Place 10 points
2nd Place 7 points
3rd Place 5 points
4th Place 3 points
5th Place 2 points
6th Place 1 point


Points will count for year-end awards regardless of the number of entries in a particular class or section as long as the horse show holds the class or section.




Division – A particular type of discipline within the horse show world. Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation are all considered divisions.

Section – A sub-group of classes under a division with particular characteristics. Pony Hunter,

Equitation 12-14, and Junior Jumper would all be considered sections. Sometimes “section” also refers to splitting a large group into smaller groups as in “The Adult Amateur Hunter division was so big, they split it into two sections.”


Class – a single performance unit within a section. As in “an “A” rated section will have 4 over fences classes and one under saddle.” A group of classes makes up a section.


Division and Section are frequently used interchangeably, you may hear someone say “my horse was champion in the High Performance division,” when they actually mean section. Sometimes “section” refers to groups after a class has been split. (See above.)


High Point – High point refers to the horse or rider who accumulates the most points in a section over the year end award qualifying period. High point awards may also be awarded across several sections, in which case the high point horse or rider is the one that accumulates the most points in their respective section as compared to the other sections.


YEA – abbreviation for Year End Award.

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