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As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in Forest Lake, MN, Equine Innovations provides equine assisted activities that facilitate physical, emotional and cognitive growth for individuals with special needs, their families and care providers.  This includes therapeutic horseback riding, sessions for individuals in assisted living/nursing home/memory care, workshops for care providers and a program for military veterans.  

Equine Innovations' therapeutic riding is geared towards advancing horsemanship skills and riding technique to the best of each individual's ability in a safe and fun, but challenging environment.  Sessions for seniors cater to a specific need. Mounted or unmounted, Equine Innovations has facilitated stroke patients looking to regain balance and strength, indulge a long lost love of horses, or a bucket list wish to just be in the presence of a horse. Working with people in memory is special because often the smell or touch of a horse and farm brings back wonderful memories for individuals.  

Veteran Horsepower is a program dedicated to military veterans and their families to help build new skills for resilience, personal growth and connection.  Significant time has been dedicated to create a high level approach to helping those having sacrificed so much for our great country. 

Equine Innovations believes people need a leg up every now and again, and work to conduct programs free of charge or at a very low cost.  

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